Guide to Staging Your Home for a Fast Sale

Most homeowners know it is important to keep a home clean and organized while it is on the market. But the majority of buyers’ agents agree that taking some extra steps to stage the property for sale can make the most of the space and its best features and make an impact on a potential buyer’s impression, as well as on the price he or she will be willing to pay. For every $100 invested in staging a home for sale, there is a $400 potential return, saving the seller a costly price reduction and ultimately, making staging worthwhile.

An optimal staging effort will present your property in its finest condition. Most experts recommend taking the following steps to achieve the best staging results:


Make your home appealing for photographs

You’re putting your home on the market. Unless it looks appealing, you will have trouble finding an audience. Cleaning it thoroughly, plumping up all the cushions, pleating the curtains and replacing your bathroom and kitchen towels as well as your floor mats with new, matching ones, will all make it photogenic. Deep clean your carpets and invest in fresh flowers to enhance prominent areas.

Get rid of clutter

A cluttered environment makes a negative impression and impedes the buyer from visualizing it as his or her future home. One of the most important things you can do to stage your home properly is de-clutter it. Clear out all your home’s surfaces, and take a good look at the amount and size of your furniture. If it is filling the space excessively, get rid of some of it to make your rooms look bigger and lighter.

Re-paint and deodorize

Refreshing the paint on the walls can make your home feel and look fresh and clean. Re-paint them in neutral colors that can add a sense of calm and airiness to your rooms. Take care of getting rid of unpleasant pet or smoking smells by airing your house and using air fresheners or delicately scented candles.

Pay attention to your home’s exterior

If you’re selling an apartment or condo, make your front door look elegant and inviting, and make sure your doorbell or knocker work properly. If you are selling a house, consider power-washing its exterior, re-painting or re-staining the porch, hanging attractive house numbers and trimming back bushes or trees. When showing your home at night, make sure to turn your porch lights on and illuminate your garden.

Don’t go overboard

Staging your home for sale is essential, but try to strike a balance between staged and lived-in. You want your home to look its best, but some coziness can add to its appeal, so having a folded elegant throw on a sofa or placing a basket of fresh farmer market’s produce on the kitchen counter can help strike the right balance.